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The lost art of doing nothing

Listening to music and getting inspiration from it is fantastic. Read about how doing "less" can actually help your working week.

Further thoughts on the weight of tasks

Recently, I stumbled upon a perspective that resonated with me. It's about the 'weight' of a task, not just its duration.

Time isn’t the Gold Standard

As someone living with both ADHD and Autism, I've often felt that the traditional ways of viewing tasks didn’t quite gel with my experience.

Sequential Numbers to Headings and Paragraphs Using CSS

Ever wondered how to automatically number your headings and subsequent paragraphs, and then reset those numbers for the next set?

What to do when you have nothing to do

I've had a fairly quiet spell over the last couple of weeks, and it's given me some much-needed time to regroup, plan some future projects ...

Content grouping in GA4 using WordPress Templates

With content grouping, GA4 users can aggregate content into desired categories. Content grouping in Google Analytics is a great way to analyse content.

Creating reference numbers with Zapier

Zapier has a number of hidden little tricks up its sleeve. Here’s one I discovered the other day when helping Art For Cure with their artist submissions.

Own your mistakes

From little mistakes like slipping on odd socks in the morning, to seismic errors like running a `RM -RF` - we all make mistakes.

Big ideas, community thinking.

Maybe I’m showing my age, or maybe I’m just re-thinking some of my priorities on what matters and where energy should be spent.

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