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Create a safe-word for your phone to help deal with an autistic shutdown

As someone who is both Autistic and ADHD, I understand how overwhelming sensory overloads can be. They can strike suddenly and leave us needing immediate relief or a reliable escape plan. That’s why I’ve created a personalised shortcut on my iPhone, triggered by the phrase “daydream,” to help manage these situations. I want to share […]

The DIY Brand Playbook

Good news! I'm here to tell you creating a brand playbook is much simpler and more budget-friendly than you might expect.

Why your domain name is a valuable asset to your brand.

Analogy warning: This post has an incredibly ham-fisted reference to your domain name being like a front door. Have you ever thought about how crucial your domain name is for your business, regardless of its size? In simple terms, a domain name is your website’s address on the internet. But, it’s so much more than […]

Hey, rich white people! Visit (these very specific areas of) Ipswich!

A promotional video created by Ipswich Central from about ten years ago was shared on LinkedIn as a retrospective back-slapping pride piece. WHY.

The Hitchhikers’ Guide to AI

Douglas Adams' astute observation about technology across life stages provides a profound perspective on AI’s role in graphic design.

Creative Sparks – How learning new skills can improve creativity

Knife forging and candle making. These have been not just fun, but also real eye-openers in terms of boosting creativity.

Creating a Linktree-style page in WordPress

If you've ever wanted a straightforward way to display a list of important links on your WordPress site, you might find this useful

The lost art of doing nothing

Listening to music and getting inspiration from it is fantastic. Read about how doing "less" can actually help your working week.

Further thoughts on the weight of tasks

Recently, I stumbled upon a perspective that resonated with me. It's about the 'weight' of a task, not just its duration.

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