The only way is Ethics

Fork is proud to be transparent and honest about our working practices.

Client Confidentiality

I am dedicated to upholding the strictest confidentiality with client information. Sensitive data is stored on encrypted services, and all devices I use are both encrypted and trackable. I retain shared passwords only while necessary for the tasks at hand.

Conflict of Interest

I recognise the importance of a competitive market and avoid working with direct commercial competitors within the same business sector to maintain integrity and trust.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

I am an active member of Clean Creatives, committed to rejecting fossil fuel projects in my work. I support our community through volunteer work, offer charitable rates, and provide mentorship to students, fostering responsible and sustainable business practices.

Professional Conduct

Fork represents my ethos of creating an enjoyable and respectful work environment. I embrace challenges with enthusiasm and believe in fostering a culture where creative dialogue is welcomed. I understand that great ideas can come from anywhere; hence, I ensure everyone has a voice in the creative process. I maintain a policy of zero tolerance towards bullying, racism, and any form of marginalisation.

Quality of Work

I am constantly exploring, learning, and adopting new creative concepts and execution strategies to ensure the delivery of innovative and high-quality work to my clients.

Fair Trade Practices

I endeavour to source sustainable materials for my studio, print products, and choose suppliers who align with my commitment to environmental responsibility and fair trade.

Anti-Slavery and Anti-Exploitation

Fork stands firmly against all forms of slavery and exploitation. I am committed to ethical business practices that respect human rights and dignity. I ensure that my supply chain and business operations are transparent and free from any exploitative practices. I support and engage with suppliers and partners who share this commitment to upholding ethical standards in all facets of business.

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