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October 2023

7 October 23

Discogs’ vibrant vinyl community is shattering

By Natalie Weiner for The Verge

If you are a devoted vinyl collector, an obsessive music fan, or — as is often the case — both, Discogs is very nearly a lifestyle.

6 October 23

The History of the Pivot Table, The Spreadsheet’s Most Powerful Tool

By Dan Kopf for Pocket

Today, pivot tables are among the most important and commonly used tools in the spreadsheet wizard’s toolbox

6 October 23

Thoughts on the manual

By Seth Godin for Seth's Blog

We have more ways to offer instructions than ever before, but it’s not obvious that we’re getting better at it. Not just the operator’s manual, but every way we have to teach and offer instructions… Some (uncategorized) things to consider:

5 October 23

Great news — social media is falling apart

By Shubham Agarwal for Business Insider

Read in app Step into the ‘pluriverse’Online townsA healthier internet

5 October 23

59 Dos and Don’ts for Getting Dressed Right Now

By The Editors for GQ

For decades, GQ was the place men learned to dress themselves. We’d teach you how to talk to your tailor, introduce you to your next game-raising boots, and—crucially—lay down a handful of hard and fast rules about style that you, the reader, were meant to follow religiously.

5 October 23

I stop working by noon every day — and I’ve never been so productive

By Strategy Contributors for Business Insider

Focus has always been a challenge for me, but I’ve always felt there should be a better way. I’ve tried accountability groups, productivity apps and all sorts of other gimmicks for getting more done. But on their own, nothing seemed to work.

5 October 23

Why Do We Forget So Many of Our Dreams?

By Stephanie Pappas for Scientific American

If you’ve ever awoken from a vivid dream only to find that you can’t remember the details by the end of breakfast, you’re not alone. People forget most of the dreams they have—though it is possible to train yourself to remember more of them.

September 2023

6 September 23

What is an attosecond? A physical chemist explains the tiny time scale behind Nobel Prize-winning research

By Become an for The Conversation

A group of three researchers earned the 2023 Nobel Prize in physics for work that has revolutionized how scientists study the electron – by illuminating molecules with attosecond-long flashes of light.

6 September 23

The Daily Heller: Family Planning Made Modern

By Steven Heller for The Daily Heller

Rudolph de Harak (1924–2002) opened his studio in 1952 to make design that was driven by the virtues of modern order and simplicity rooted in geometry.

3 September 23

These 5 strong, relevant brands have stood the test of time

By David Salazar for Fast Company

Much like our news cycle, the tenure of a brand’s relevance has become much shorter in the past two decades. This makes maintaining an impact for more than 15 years an impressive feat. 

August 2023

12 August 23

Does this failed biscuit rebrand show designers sometimes get it wrong?

By Joseph Foley for Creative Bloq

Back in 2021, Choco Leibniz maker Bahlsen carried out a rebrand that won huge plaudits from the design community. The new look was clean, bold and modern. It even won a D&AD award. There didn’t seem to be anything not to like.

5 August 23

How to Stop Doomscrolling—With Psychology

By Kenneth R. Rosen for WIRED

The act of doomscrolling—spinning continuously through bad news despite its disheartening and depressing effects—and social media envy, like the fear of missing out, present greater risks to your health than were previously realized.

July 2023

5 July 23

3 workflows to help you get the most out of your database

By Nick Moore for Zapier

Effective database tools can organize and centralize all kinds of information, letting you turn raw data into insights you can use. Relying on manual input and output, however, can turn your database into a bottleneck.

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