Discovered on Pinterest on November 3, 2023


“Oh! Me-Oh-My James Joyce”

Another useful design and branding influence

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I'm James Kindred, a brand consultant and graphic designer based in Suffolk. I have over 25 years of experience in brand development, graphic design and digital delivery.

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Why have you kept a reference of “Oh! Me-Oh-My James Joyce”?

Ahoy! Here's another gem from my Pinterest explorations. Ownership? Not mine. But a keen sense of style? Definitely.

Pinterest bridges the gap between discovery and presentation, allowing designers to not only find inspiration but also showcase their vision to clients.

Design reflects society's values, aspirations, and the ever-evolving aesthetic sensibilities of its time. In the intricate world of branding, how a brand is perceived by its audience can make or break its success. A brand's voice, values, and vision are amplified and communicated through its design choices. Design is about distilling complex ideas into digestible visuals, making the complex simple and the mundane exciting. A brand's identity is intricately carved, defined, and shaped by its design choices over time.

What Pinterest tells us about this image

Printed by Bob Eight Pop; Oh Me Oh My limited edition screen print for James Joyce. A1 – 840mm x 594mm – Colorplan Bob Eight Pop | Facebook Page – This was originally posted on Pinterest. See the original

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