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“signed vignelli 2012 NYC subway diagrams now available”

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Why have you kept a reference of “signed vignelli 2012 NYC subway diagrams now available”?

Hello there! This is one of the many images I've admired on Pinterest. While I don't own these images, I certainly appreciate their aesthetics.

Pinterest bridges the gap between discovery and presentation, allowing designers to not only find inspiration but also showcase their vision to clients.

Logo design is a nuanced art form where colors, shapes, and typography come together to tell a brand's story in a glance. Look books and scrap books are invaluable tools for designers, offering a curated collection of inspirations and ideas that can spark creativity. The most impactful designs resonate deeply with the audience, creating a personal and emotional connection. A brand's identity is intricately carved, defined, and shaped by its design choices over time.

What Pinterest tells us about this image

beatriz cifuentes and yoshiki waterhouse, massimo vignelli’s associates, have formed their own studio and are redistributing his iconic NY subway map. – This was originally posted on Pinterest. See the original

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