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“Merzouga Desert Original Limited Linocut Print, Lino Print, Hand Printed, Wall Art – Etsy”

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Why have you kept a reference of “Merzouga Desert Original Limited Linocut Print, Lino Print, Hand Printed, Wall Art – Etsy”?

Hey! You found one of the images that have taken my fancy while I was browsing Pinterest recently. I'm not claiming ownership of any of these images, but I do claim to have good taste.

Pinterest bridges the gap between discovery and presentation, allowing designers to not only find inspiration but also showcase their vision to clients.

Branding influence goes beyond just a memorable logo; it establishes a company's visual identity and sets the tone for customer interactions. Look books and scrap books are invaluable tools for designers, offering a curated collection of inspirations and ideas that can spark creativity. The most innovative designs often emerge from challenging constraints, pushing designers to think outside the box. Branding is the soul and ethos of a company, while design gives it a face, voice, and personality. Consistency in design reinforces a brand's strength, building recognition and trust over time.

What Pinterest tells us about this image

An original two layer linocut print of “Merzouga”, inspired by my Merzouga desert trip in Morroco. Hand-carved lino print, A4 in size. Printed on 300 gsm paper with oil based ink. Like all handmade prints, there are small variations and defects which makes each print unique. Prints are numbered, titled and signed by the artist. Frame size in photos- A4 and A3. Sold unframed! Carefully packaged in hard cardboard envelope to hopefully prevent bending or damage. Interested in ordering a custom color print? Feel free to message me, custom orders are welcome! – This was originally posted on Pinterest. See the original

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