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“Jay Roeder, freelance illustration, hand lettering & design”

Another useful design and branding influence

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I'm James Kindred, a brand consultant and graphic designer based in Suffolk. I have over 25 years of experience in brand development, graphic design and digital delivery.

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Why have you kept a reference of “Jay Roeder, freelance illustration, hand lettering & design”?

Hello there! This is one of the many images I've admired on Pinterest. While I don't own these images, I certainly appreciate their aesthetics.

For designers, Pinterest is more than just a platform; it's a visual library, brimming with inspiration and innovative concepts.

Branding influence goes beyond just a memorable logo; it establishes a company's visual identity and sets the tone for customer interactions. In today's digital age, design has evolved to be more interactive, responsive, and user-centric than ever before. Design reflects society's values, aspirations, and the ever-evolving aesthetic sensibilities of its time. A brand's voice, values, and vision are amplified and communicated through its design choices. Branding differentiates, defines, and positions a company in the competitive landscape, setting it apart from its competitors. Design is the visual voice of a brand, speaking volumes without uttering a word.

What Pinterest tells us about this image

Jay Roeder, freelance artist specializing in illustration, hand lettering, creative direction & design. – This was originally posted on Pinterest. See the original

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