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“Forest Camp, Axel Loreman”

Another useful design and branding influence

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I'm James Kindred, a brand consultant and graphic designer based in Suffolk. I have over 25 years of experience in brand development, graphic design and digital delivery.

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Why have you kept a reference of “Forest Camp, Axel Loreman”?

Hi! This image is among the many I've adored on Pinterest. I don't claim them, but I do celebrate my taste in design.

From discovering the latest design trends to presenting a cohesive brand story, Pinterest has become an indispensable tool for designers worldwide.

In today's digital age, design has evolved to be more interactive, responsive, and user-centric than ever before. In design, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, leading to clarity and user-friendly experiences. Branding differentiates, defines, and positions a company in the competitive landscape, setting it apart from its competitors. The most iconic brands are built on compelling stories, values, and a clear vision. Design is about distilling complex ideas into digestible visuals, making the complex simple and the mundane exciting. Design is the visual voice of a brand, speaking volumes without uttering a word.

What Pinterest tells us about this image

I started this scene becuase I wanted to learn more about creating foliage and shaders in UE4. I also took the chance to experiment with and learn speedtree to create the trees for the environment. The foliage is modelled in Maya and/or Zbrush and then baked down to planes as well as textured in Substance Designer. Designer was also used to create the tiling ground materials and the texture used for the rocks. – This was originally posted on Pinterest. See the original

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